Von Bergheim Family

Noah is a young boy with a diagnoses of Lissencephaly and Epilepsy.  Noah is completely dependant on his parents for all elements of self care.

On referral by Therapy Focus, WA Charity Direct provided the final funds for the family to purchase and modify a vehicle for wheelchair accessibility.  Having access to such a vehicle has enabled Noah to be safely transported to and from school each day, as well as security when attending medical and community appointments.

The Von Bergheim Family are grateful for the support with this message of thanks:

We did it! Thanks to the generosity of your organisation and fourteen months of fundraising we now have the wheelchair modified vehicle that will help our son Noah (and just as importantly his Mum, Belinda) immeasurably through the next 10 years.  The funds WA Charity Direct provided saved us another 9 – 12 months of further fundraising giving our family back invaluable time. Our heartfelt thanks to everybody involved. You may never fully appreciate the magnitude of what you have helped us achieve – but we do every single day. 

Giving this family better access to transport makes the world of difference to their lives everyday and this is only possible thanks to WA Charity Direct members who pay an annual or monthly membership fee. Find out more here.