Melissa Northcott

Born with Cerebral Palsy and Sticklers Syndrome (a combination of Scoliosis and Osteoarthritis) Melissa Northcott has faced many challenges in her 23 years.  With limited balance, mobility and loss of vision in her right eye teamed with joint pain in her hips, knees, ankles, back and shoulders a routine daily shower was a lengthy activity with an old bathroom design at the Northcott residence.

Melissa’s Occupational Therapist Kim Johnson,  wrote to WA Charity Direct in need of funding for bathroom renovations to make the shower wheelchair friendly.

Helped by Community Aids and Equipment Program and the Barrow’s Foundation, WA Charity Direct was able to donate the remaining funds required to complete the renovations.  Melissa is now able to shower independently and freely with the new spacious design which benefits her whole family.