Jayda Dillon

Born with what appeared to be a small bruise on her cheek, it was found that Jayda Dillon in fact had Infantile Hemangioma.  Seeking further understanding of what their newborn daughter had, Jayda was later diagnosed with PHACES Syndrome.  This is a very uncommon medical condition that is associated with anomalies of the blood vessels in the head and chest.

After much research, the Dillon Family decided that Jayda’s best chance of treatment was at the Texas Women’s Hospital in the U.S.  This hospital had a Vascular Anomalies Clinic and doctors that specialised in PHACES Syndrome.

Through local fundraising the Dillon’s were able to raise a portion of what was required to make the trip to the U.S.  However, WA Charity Direct donated the remaining balance to assist with flights and medical costs.


Jayda’s Journey