Care Bags – because Children in Care, matter.

Children enter Care under circumstances that can be quite traumatic and quite often only with the clothes they are wearing.

Care Bags, a small charitable group started up in 2018, with the purpose of giving each Child a bag filled with essential & comfort items at their time of placement.  Care Bags aim to have a range of bags filled with appropriate  items suitable for all ages (1-16 years), boys & girls and with Summer/Winter options in the 38 Community Offices across Western Australia.  Essential items include pyjamas, toiletries, underwear, socks & 2 outfit changes.  Comfort items include a teddy bear and a colouring book, journal or toy.

WA Charity Direct is so pleased to provide funding to Care Bags to assist with the costs of  200 Winter bags, as well as helping with related storage costs.

Our recent funding has become even more timely, as the Covid-19 isolation restrictions has put vulnerable children in even more danger and there is an expected surge of children who will be required to enter care arrangements.

The small gesture of giving a child their very own backpack filled with new items sends a strong positive message, that they are valued and people do care about them as they embark on this period of uncertainty.