Black Ash

Heath Black is a well known sporting identity around Australia.  Heath played AFL football for 12 years at the Fremantle Dockers and St Kilda.  Heath retired from professional football in 2oo8 and really only then discovered his life’s work.

Towards the end of his football career he had a series of public misdemeanours which marred the solid reputation he had built over his career.  Spiralling out of control, Heath realised the full extent of his mental issues in 2009 following the failure of his marriage, lost job opportunities, several arrests and a growing dependence on alcohol.  He was finally diagnosed with Bipolar II and ADHD type 6.

Heath has spent the last 18 months getting his life back on track, but rather than sit back he has decided to use his profile and experience to try and help other men who may suffer from Bipolar, ADHD or other related mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, isolation and alcoholism.  These conditions are more common than most people would expect and often kept behind closed doors; which is one of the reasons Heath has decided to tell his story.

WA Charity Direct is working with Heath by providing funding and business guidance on his quest to raise the issue of mental wellness.  Using AFL as the springboard, Heath is currently conducting his wellness workshops to sporting clubs within regional WA.


Heath Black