Bailey Family

Little Cian Bailey is truly a living miracle.  Cian was born premature at 27 weeks in 2007 and whilst in hospital contracted rare infections which devastated 75% of his brain.  Cian’s medical prognosis was not good and little hope was offered for his future.

Cian is now 5 years old and is a happy, beautiful boy.  Cian has high level specialised needs and is completely dependant on his parents for his care; however Cian has recently begun school on a part time basis.

WA Charity Direct have helped Cian and his family out by providing the bulk of the funds required to purchase a special purpose vehicle.  The new vehicle  allows for Cian to be transported comfortably and securely whilst sitting in his wheelchair, as well as plenty of space for all the necessary equipment that is required.  The new car has also provided much physical relief to his parents as they now no longer have to deal with collapsing the wheelchair and transferring Cian in and out of the car on each visit.