Apply for Funding

Although WA Charity Direct’s main aim is to assist individuals in need, part of our charter also allows us to assist other smaller registered charity organisations that do not have a geared up charity collection mechanism or receive a major part of their funding from Government bodies.

To be considered for assistance from WA Charity Direct other charities should –

  • Be registered as a charity,
  • Be endorsed by the A.T.O. as a charitable fund and have deductible gift recipient status,
  • Not receive any funding (or a major part of your funding) from Government bodies,
  • Not be a mainstream charity and / or have a geared up charity collection mechanism,
  • Be in need of funds for a particular purpose,
  • Meet a fundamental community need.

WA Charity Direct’s charter only provides for parties who reside in Western Australia.


Apply for Funding for a Charitable Organisation