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WA Charity Direct was formed in 2004 by like-minded people who wanted to contribute to charitable causes in a high impact way. WA Charity Direct is as dynamic as it is unique. We help anyone from a single person in need of a wheelchair, families experiencing financial difficulties that are caring for a sick child, to ‘start-up’ charities and community based charity groups.

Become a member!

Members of WA Charity Direct are critical to the ongoing success, as all funds raised are generated by the membership fees. Financially, each WA Charity Direct member commits to paying a tax deductible membership fee. WA Charity Direct is a low maintenance, low involvement charitable organisation and as a member you can be confident that your financial donation goes directly to Western Australian people in need.

What are the benefits?

  • Every dollar raised goes directly to a local charity or individual in need
  • Your membership fee is tax deductible
  • You choose your level of involvement
$2000 p.a
$5000 p.a
$10,000 p.a
Newsletter Subscription
Exclusive invitations to
WACD member events
Opportunity to nominate charities or individual recipients for funding
Your company/corporate logo published on WACD website
Permission for you and your company to use the WACD logo on marketing collaterial
Opportunities to have trustees and/or recipients come to present to staff at their premises

Please direct any Membership queries to Jeff Miller on 0419 937 864.