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WA Charity Direct has been approved by the Australian Taxation Office as a public fund for the relief of persons in necessitous circumstances but assistance may be provided to any person or family in need without the financial capacity to help themselves.

Further information about the meaning of ‚Äúnecessitous circumstances‚ÄĚ and examples can be found in Appendix 1 of the application form.

The types of assistance that WA Charity Direct may offer include assistance with the immediate needs of any eligible recipient. It could also cover emergency financial assistance in the case of an unexpected crisis. All requests for assistance will be considered and assessed according to the information provided by the applicant and other relevant information available.

Assistance is usually given in the form of goods (i.e. equipment, wheelchairs, etc) or services (i.e. payment of medical bills etc) rather than cash, depending on the circumstances.

WA Charity Directs charter only provides for claims for parties who reside in Western Australia.


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