About Us

Uraia van 4WA Charity Direct was formed in 2004 by like minded people who wanted to contribute to charitable causes in a high impact way.  WA Charity Direct is as dynamic as it is unique. We help anyone from a single person in need of  a wheelchair, families experiencing financial difficulties that are caring for a disabled child, to ‘start-up’ charities and community based charity groups.


WA Charity Direct was founded on two objectives:

  • To give away 100% of all funds raised
    WA Charity Direct is run by professionals who donate their time and expertise.  No money is wasted on administrative fees or caught up in costly advertising campaigns. To date all our legal work, accounting and design work has been donated.
  • Support the West Australian Community
    WA Charity Direct supports applicants who reside in Western Australia only.  Our support extends to individuals who are in necessitous circumstances and lower profile charity groups.  Over the years, WA Charity Direct has made a real difference in people’s lives in a very practical way.


Members of WA Charity Direct are critical to our ongoing success, as all funds raised are generated by the membership fees. Financially, each WA Charity Direct member commits to paying a tax deductible membership fee. WA Charity Direct is a low maintenance, low involvement charitable organisation and as a member you can be confident that your financial donation goes directly to West Australian people in need.

What are the benefits of being a WACD Member?

  • Every dollar raised goes directly to a local charity or individual in need
  • Your membership fee is tax deductible
  • You choose your level of involvement

The future growth of WA Charity Direct is directly linked to our growing membership base.  Members are therefore expected to recruit at least 1 new member in their first year of membership.  We will assist new members with this.

Become A Member

Who We Help

Successful recipients of WA Charity Direct range from individuals and families with specific needs, ‘start-up charities’ and small to medium charitable groups requiring assistance.

Each application received by WA Charity Direct is considered by the Board of Trustees and all approvals must meet the set criteria.  The set criteria remains private and confidential to the Trustees of WA Charity Direct as per the Trust Deed.

Individual   Charitable Organisation


      1. WA Charity Direct is a Registered Charity
      2. WA Charity Direct is endorsed by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient, meaning that members fees or donations are eligible for Income Tax Deduction and the Foundation is exempt from GST – Find out more
      3. WA Charity Direct’s Honorary Auditors are HLB Mann Judd, level 4, 130 Stirling Street, Perth.
      4. WA Charity Direct has been issued with a Charitable Collections Licence – Charitable Licence   100% to Charity

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of  WA Charity Direct work within a range of professional industries and all donate their time and expertise.

For the Year 2021, the Trustees are Simon Birkhead, Andy Brown, Peter Carter, Simon Cherry, Ron Dwyer, Damien Eves, Pauline Eves, John Goodall, Karron Johnson, Justin Manolikos, Brad Martyn, Jeff Miller, Scott Stanley, Sandra Ursino & Tina Williams.